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#IMMOOC 4 Is Happening Monday, Feb. 26, 2018

Yes, I am a geek!  I admit it, but I love learning and if it is free, that is even better.  It will also get me back writing, which I have put off lately.

If you don’t know what IMMOOC is, check out George Couros’ blog here.  You will have a choice of 3 books.  Join in one or all three.  I am choosing Katie Martin’s book, Learner Centered Innovation.  It is new and hot off the Dave Burgess IMPress.  Sorry John and AJ, I have your book as well, Empower, but this old brain can take only so much! And George, I read your Innovator’s Mindset and it pushed my thinking, thank you!

Come on, do it!  It’s free, plus you get to network with like-minded peeps and build your PLN.  Hope to meet you all!


(From George’s post here)

Starting February 26, each Monday night we will have a YouTube Live session at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST), that will be consistent every Monday night based on past user feedback.  The YouTube Live sessions are planned for the following dates (same time weekly, 6 PM PST):

February 26
March 5
March 12
March 19
March 26

We will also have a Twitter chat weekly (#IMMOOC), led by Tara Martin. are on the following dates:

March 1, 2018 9pm EST
March 8, 2018 9pm EST
March 15, 2018 9pm EST
March 22, 2018 9pm EST
March 29, 2018 9pm EST
April 5, 2018 9pm EST

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Media preview

I have been blessed with a wonderful PLN who challenge me and push me every single day.  If you don’t know what a PLN is, it stands for a Personal / Professional Learning Network.  For me, it formed about 4 to 5 years ago when I started to use social media and the platform, Twitter, to engage in powerful professional dialogue about education.  Being an educator for the past 27 years, I have been in the presence of some great people in the business, first as a music educator and then as a leader of a public school.  Once I started using a social media platform such as Twitter, I haven’t looked back.  

One of the first tweeps that I followed and who I consider a mentor is my friend Joe Mazza.  Though he may not know this, I call him a mentor because he has pushed me to realize the potential that I have within myself.  This past weekend, he did a powerful TedxYouth talk in Boston about 10 assumptions he had while growing up and becoming an adult.  As noted by my best buddy, friend, mentor and colleague, Lisa Meade, he as well as all of us are on that bumpy journey, that I call life.  So in the spirit of Joe, here are some assumptions that I am going to list, in no particular order, other than my number #1!.

1.  I thought being diagnosed with breast cancer was a death sentence,  It actually woke me up to what is important in life.

2.  Crying is a sign of weakness.  That’s not true. In my 1/2 hundred years, it is a sign of life, of happiness, of joy, pain and empathy. (And hormones.  LOL)

3.  I’m not smart enough.  That is for sure, but I work my butt off to make good for kids and humans! My mom taught me to look for the good in everyone.  (Memory Eternal Flossie!)

4.  Friends are the only thing.  Nope, have to take my mom’s advice, that friends come and go but my family stays.  That’s for sure.  My family is #1!

5.  Having the next best thing or gadget will give me happiness.  My happiness – relationships with humans, my husband (who is my love of life), my family, friends, PLN!  They are my happiness!

6.  Getting it done FAST is the only way.  I am more of a hedgehog.  Slow and steady wins the race!

7.  That failure is grave and I will be dammed, fired, hurt someone, poor performance.  I am learning to overcome this more and more.  I found out by sissy, this may be a Vissar trait but the confidence is sure in my sissy #1!

I am sure I have three more in me.  But I am procrastinating on other things that I need to get done and there are a few who nudge me to post this, so here it is in all it’s glory.  

Thank you Joe Mazza.  You are an inspiration and you have touched many with your honesty, empathy and compassion.  We are that much better to have you in our midst and in our world.  Humbled and honored to know you my friend!

What are your assumptions?

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Using Social Media for a Book Chat with Staff

Yes, I have been off the grid and this is a blog that should have been written a year ago, but I need to share it since I refer to it in my presentations on using social media as a lead learner. I was fresh off the NAESP conference in Baltimore in 2013 and was a social media ambassador with Joe Mazza and Tony Sinanis.  While there, I was involved in a twitter chat with the ladies of #educoach as they were holding chats on the book Teach Like a PIRATE by Dave  Burgess.  As we were working the social media lounge at NAESP, I mentioned Teach Like a PIRATE (TLAP) during one of the presentations.  Joe Mazza kindly gave me the book and I have used this and highlighted, shared it, and quoted from it. On the drive back, I thought, how can I bring this back to staff in my school, invigorate the passion of teaching, as well as show them how social media. So, I asked permission from both my superintendent and assistant superintendent to lead a book study not only with the East Side staff, but with the entire district.  here are the steps I did and the planning I followed using Evernote to plan.  Here are the notes I jotted during the planning of these sessions for reference.

  • First check out what to use, whether Schoology, Edmodo, Twitter or Link
  • Advertise via email All User and get commitments.
  • Put onto MLP to get credit
  • Settle on weekly pages.
  • Format Questions
  • Set time for chats so they are live
  • Set up a live chat with Dave Burgess over Skype
  • Maybe do a twitter chat so others can tweet in.  Provide an overview of how to tweet and use hashtag

I crafted an email to all staff and did an email blast for the district:

Hi All:
Want to increase your student engagement, boost your creativity and transform your life as an educator?  Need a boost for an exciting year?  Then join me as we venture into a book study on Teach Like A Pirate, by Dave Burgess.  What do you need?  A commitment that you will be willing to join in chat discussions using social media and other web 2.0 tools., a copy of the book, Teach Like a Pirate and a willingness to share your thoughts and ideas. We will be using two platforms, twitter which will give us live chats so we can connect to other educators throughout the world and with the author, and Edmodo, so we can dialogue amongst ourselves. This will be great PD for all of you and can be tracked on My Learning Plan.  I can set this up so that you can sign-up.  If you are interested, please respond to this email asap.  I would like to get this group up and started.  Just so you know, the book is practical, easy, and not long at all.   We will do about 5 twitter chats for an hour on Tuesday nights @ 8:00p.m.  These will be live chats with me moderating the questions and with other guest moderators.
First:  Complete this form (Click on the word)  Deadline is September 1st

Second:  Open a twitter account and Edmodo account.  They are free!!

Third:  Bring your insights and passion.
We will meet on Tuesday, September 24 @ 3:00p.m. in the ES computer lab, room 47 to do a quick overview of how to tweet, use the hashtag, and use Edmodo.  (You will need an account prior to this meeting.)
The first chat will be held on October 1st
This will be a real treat for everyone.  Sign up soon.  ARRRG……..
I extended the timeline to sign-up and continue to email blast the district to get staff to sign-up  In the end, the majority of participants were from the elementary school and as well, from our East Side community, so we moved forward.
Our assistant superintendent was gracious to provide our staff with books.  I held a Twitter 101 course for participants.  Some folks were hesitant  to join the book chat because I was using social media and technology.  Before the book chat, I tweeted out to my PLN and asked, “Why Twitter? Use #gouv13”  I had this in the background and all of the sudden, my PLN tweeted in and the staff could not believe it.  They saw the power of the PLN come in, the relationships that I had formed, and how folks around the world just helped other educators be successful.
Once Twitter 101 and Edmodo training was completed, the schedule was shared and we were on the road to using social media as a professional development tool.  Here was the calendar:
Oct1: pages 1-32 (Passion, Pages 3-12; Immersion, Pages 13-18; Rapport, Pages 19-32)
Oct 8 pages 33-64 (Ask and Analyze, Pages 33-53; Transformation, Pages 55-64)
Oct 15: pages 65-94 (Enthusiasm, Pages 65-71; The Third Circle, Pages 75-82; A Crash Course in Presentational Hooks, Pages 83-85; I Like To Move It, Move It, Pages 87-93)
Oct 22: pages 95-132 (Long Live The Arts, Pages 95-101; What’s In It For Me?, Pages 103-115; Stand And Deliver, Pages 117-123; Advanced Tactics, Pages 125-132)
Oct 29 pages 133-176 (Around The Edges, Pages 133-141; The Awkward Question, Pages 145-152: Where Do I Start, Pages 153-168; Finding A Crew, Pages 169-174; Finding Treasures, Pages 175-176)
To help with the chats for the staff, I posted them on Edmodo to have the staff experience the power of a SMS.  My goal was to have them try it out and how they could use it with their kiddos to engage learning.  Schoology is the platform that we use now for students and staff for teaching as well as for professional development for staff.
Along came the first chat.  We had it on Tuesday, October 1st.  I advertised to have my PLN come in and chime in on the Q and A.  Basically, I would pose the question, and the participants in the chat would answer using A1, A2, A3, etc.  So here came the first questions:
Q1 Within your subject matter what are you passionate about teaching?
Click here for the Storify of the first chat.
The next morning, although we were using the social media platform of Twitter, what was powerful for the staff to see was some of my PLN coming in and helping as well as the author of the book, Dave Burgess, commenting on the questions.  That was the big talk back in the building, “Hey Vic, that was pretty cool that the author was involved in the chat.”
You know, yes it was powerful that Dave Burgess was available for most of the five chats.  He made it a point to be there, to help our teacher become better in their craft and to show that we are in this together and it is about the relationships that we form.
Although I didn’t have everyone in the chat, I did have those folks that wanted to improve and push themselves to be just a little bit better for their kids.  I cannot thank Dave Burgess enough for being there.  Sometime, someday, I will meet him and it will be like I have known him forever.  My point is this – anyone can do this for their staff.  Hold their hands, be the lead learner, and take them on a journey.  People are out there to help.  It’s not about “making a buck” – it’s about improving our craft and being better educators for our kids.  What do you think?  Are you up to take it further with your staff?  Let me know how I can help.  Enjoy!

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How A PLN Got Us To #ISTE2014 – The Flats

Using Voxer as a tool for professional development really has been a game changer for me in communication, connections, and is helping me form wonderful relationships to grow and enhance my PLN. I have two fabulous book chats that I belong to, one with a groups of 100 educators throughout the world using the book Beyond the Bake Sale (which I will blog about often) and another using Eric Sheninger’s book, Digital Leadership.

It is through the Digital Leadership Voxer group that I met Ashley Hurley.  Christina Luce, a NY educator and friend in the Syracuse NY area and I wanted to go to the ISTE conference but couldn’t this year and we were lamenting on the vox thread that we would love to go but it wasn’t in the cards for us.  Ashley, in her bright, brillant, creative mind, came up with flattening our images, asked us for permission and used us as a Flat Stanley Project for the conference.  I totally couldn’t resist and I knew Christina would be up for it, so we gave her our blessing, and voila, Flat Vicki and Flat Christina were created!

Here is the beauty of social media at it’s best.  I haven’t met Ashley as of yet, face-to-face.  I can’t wait to cross paths.  Too have someone who is so creative to think outside the box and take us “virtually” to an International event says that there is a belief that we are all linked to a common thread, and that is for kids.  Thank you Ashley for taking us on your trip.  Even though I wasn’t there physically, I was there spiritually and learned so much throughout the tweets!  Your the best!

See the Flats on their trip here!  Isn’t it great?  Enjoy!




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Using VOXER as a Professional Development Tool – Really!

I thought I had reached the pinnacle of using social media with embracing Twitter, Google+, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Facebook,  Instagram, you name it as professional development tools and to create a robust PLN.  Folks in my PLN from the southern island part kept saying to me, “Vicki, get the Voxer app.  It is cool.”  I got it.  I “voxed” back and forth with a few folks.  To me, it wasn’t much different than the “WhatsApp”.  You talk and it relays a message to the person who has the app on their phone or who has it in your contact list.

Well, I was blown away this past weekend.  I was driving down to New Jersey, stressed, going from one pressure cooker to another.  My buddies and sisterhood, Christina Luce and Lisa Meade were coaching me while I vented first through twitter, then moving to Facebook messenger to make the conversation more private, then to Voxer and then to a scheduled Google Hangout because I had to have a sisterly chat!  (There’s something about 24/7 PLN!  What a pick-me-up after a stressful day!)

Christina put out a tweet about joining a Voxer book chat on Eric Sheninger’s awesome book, Digital Leadership.  I was already enrolled in the #SatChat book chat on Edmodo, but wanted to give the Voxer this a whirl.

Boy, has it been a whirlwind and an AWESOME tool.  Allison Petersen set the group up and we have just been chatting, posting, talking, about the book, change process, and everything under the sun.  This past Sunday was the kicker.  I heard the “bleep bleep” of my phone going off.  It was like a wake-up call, calling me out of my slumber and saying, “Come to VOXER and join the conversation, Vicki!”  (Yes, you can silence your phone, but why?)  Anyway, Brad Curie started it, and then the conversation just flowed.  I am not sure if it was because it was the weekend, or if some of us were on the beach, relaxing, (Not me, mind you) but how fun to get a message and not be limited to 140 characters.  You can talk and it will record and send it to the folks in the chat!

I was at my nephew’s baseball game – bleep-bleep-bleep.  Someone posted a picture of text and then used the text feature for their thoughts.  Bleep-Bleep- Bleep:  Someone recorded a short thought about change leadership.  ( I posted a picture of route 81 North because I was driving and jealous of folks on the beach or folks out of school.  (We have to go to the end of June in New York.)  I did put the phone away, because I was getting strange looks from folks around me at the baseball game.

The most powerful thing I am experiencing is the connections, relationships, and the powerful conversations we are sharing over a free tool, and I even got to “meet” new folks who are passionate about education.  It’s also the beauty of having a PLN 24/7, from my “New York sisterhood” to the new PLN folks that I have met on Voxer.

If you are new to Voxer, Joe Mazza has a wonderful post about how to use Voxer to create your own podcast here.   Get on to Voxer! I guarantee it will rock your world!

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