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#SAVMP A Moral Purpose


I am part of the #SAVMP program this year.  SAVMP stands for School Administrators Virtual Mentoring Program.  Developed by George Couros, this gives veteran administrators and new administrators an opportunity to connect throughout the nation or the world in a virtual manner.  Platforms such as Twitter, Voxer, blogging and email are used, but the most important thing, is the connections and reflections shared by both mentor and mentee.

I have 28 years behind me as a public school educator, 17 years are sitting in an administrative seat.  I’ve seen lots of success, I’ve experienced lots of failures all to help my kids learn and grow.  It is rare to have a principal and educator be in the same school district for 28 years.  Some of the students I am seeing are now grandchildren of former students, since I am at the elementary level.  I am blessed when I get to see those students I helped cross the stage at graduation.  To say this is servant leadership, is an understatement, but for me, it is also a moral purpose.

Moral purpose is why I do what I do.  To see the turmoil in our world, to watch a frightning presidential election, and to see what is happening to some of our children due to adult neglect, it is now more than ever that I feel the school leader, especially the school principal, being the leader for our children. Through the 4th installment of #SAVMP, I hope I can help those I mentor, reflect on their importance of school leadership and how it can be the saving moral compass for our future, our kids.  I can’t wait for this journey!  Let it ride!!!

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