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I have been blessed with a wonderful PLN who challenge me and push me every single day.  If you don’t know what a PLN is, it stands for a Personal / Professional Learning Network.  For me, it formed about 4 to 5 years ago when I started to use social media and the platform, Twitter, to engage in powerful professional dialogue about education.  Being an educator for the past 27 years, I have been in the presence of some great people in the business, first as a music educator and then as a leader of a public school.  Once I started using a social media platform such as Twitter, I haven’t looked back.  

One of the first tweeps that I followed and who I consider a mentor is my friend Joe Mazza.  Though he may not know this, I call him a mentor because he has pushed me to realize the potential that I have within myself.  This past weekend, he did a powerful TedxYouth talk in Boston about 10 assumptions he had while growing up and becoming an adult.  As noted by my best buddy, friend, mentor and colleague, Lisa Meade, he as well as all of us are on that bumpy journey, that I call life.  So in the spirit of Joe, here are some assumptions that I am going to list, in no particular order, other than my number #1!.

1.  I thought being diagnosed with breast cancer was a death sentence,  It actually woke me up to what is important in life.

2.  Crying is a sign of weakness.  That’s not true. In my 1/2 hundred years, it is a sign of life, of happiness, of joy, pain and empathy. (And hormones.  LOL)

3.  I’m not smart enough.  That is for sure, but I work my butt off to make good for kids and humans! My mom taught me to look for the good in everyone.  (Memory Eternal Flossie!)

4.  Friends are the only thing.  Nope, have to take my mom’s advice, that friends come and go but my family stays.  That’s for sure.  My family is #1!

5.  Having the next best thing or gadget will give me happiness.  My happiness – relationships with humans, my husband (who is my love of life), my family, friends, PLN!  They are my happiness!

6.  Getting it done FAST is the only way.  I am more of a hedgehog.  Slow and steady wins the race!

7.  That failure is grave and I will be dammed, fired, hurt someone, poor performance.  I am learning to overcome this more and more.  I found out by sissy, this may be a Vissar trait but the confidence is sure in my sissy #1!

I am sure I have three more in me.  But I am procrastinating on other things that I need to get done and there are a few who nudge me to post this, so here it is in all it’s glory.  

Thank you Joe Mazza.  You are an inspiration and you have touched many with your honesty, empathy and compassion.  We are that much better to have you in our midst and in our world.  Humbled and honored to know you my friend!

What are your assumptions?

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