New Years Goal 2016 #Compelledtribe

So, I am a member of the #compelledtribe, a bunch of great educators writing and sharing out thought input education, teaching, learning and sharing our passion for and about kids!

I have to admit, I have been slacking lately writing on this blog, so I am taking the time now as I wait for my delayed flight in Panama back to Newark to share my assignment, my goals for 2016.  (This is my second time writing this thank you 3G Panama!). So, here it goes on my handy dandy iPhone: (These are in no particular order.)

  1. Continue to watch my health and be more active with exercise!  ( I am 7 years in remission breast cancer survivor!  Yay me!)
  2. Write more on this blog!
  3. Be the best educator, I can be!
  4. Not stress about things.
  5. Be there for my husband and family and not let the work consume me!

And that is it.  If I can stay true to these 5 things, I will be content!

Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2016 the best! 😘

  1. #1 by Jennifer Hogan (@Jennifer_Hogan) on December 31, 2015 - 4:28 pm

    Terrific goals for the new year, Vicki! Isn’t it amazing how work can be all-consuming? While being an educator is more of a lifestyle than traditional profession, we still need to make sure we have “personal” time in our life.
    Thank you for what you do! All the best in 2016,

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