Moral Purpose in Education #CompelledTribe

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What is Your Moral Purpose?  Why do you do what you do in education?

I have been fortunate to be accepted as a fellow in the New York State Council Of School Superintendents “Future Superintendents Academy.”  No it is not “moving to the dark side.”  Actually it is a huge honor and we have a wonderful cohort of aspiring future superintendents that met the past two days, thinking, discussing, listening and sharing beliefs and theory of leadership.  It truly is an honor to be in this with these 22 men and women throughout New York State! 

During our second day, our speaker, Bob Reidy, the executive director of NYSCOSS had us buddy up with a partner and our assignment was to each other ask what we did and what our moral purpose was in education.  “Why do we do what we do in schools?  Why do we want to be superintendents?  What drives us?”   We got to introduce our partner and we were able to listen to all 22 beliefs and moral purposes.  It was humbling and a wonderful reminder why we do what we do.  (This is Michael Fullan 101.  He brings this question about moral imperative realized which is really deep and the ‘why’s’ of what we do in schools throughout his books and essays.  Moral imperative realized is deep.  Check it out and listen here. )

As a Compelled Tribe Blogger, we were tasked to share something about “Back To School” relations, activities with staff, students whatever.  Principals, why not bring this forward to your staff meeting and have teachers share their moral purpose?  Superintendents, you can bring this to cabinet meetings and have your principals introduce each other and share their moral purpose.  You could even do this with board members, what is your moral purpose to serve on this board of education?  Even if you don’t have the opportunity to share during a meeting, find someone and have a conversation.  Even reading this blog will stimulate reflection.  

Ask yourself, “What is your moral purpose?  Why do you do what you do in education?”  Then write it down and revisit it!

  1. #1 by Jen Houlette on August 1, 2015 - 1:48 pm

    What a deep question! But I’m sure you learned a lot about each other and were able to really reflect on why you do what you do as you move forward into a new potential role.

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