Look For The Good in Everyone

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(A post to for our parents at East Side.)

David Brooks, a New York Times columnists, recently wrote a book titled The Road to Character. In the beginning, the book gives examples of two characters, Adam I and Adam II.  Adam I lives by the “career” characters – he makes it for himself in his career, works hard to move forward and up the ladder of success for his career.  Adam II is about moral character.  These folks live by what they want to be remembered by.  It is basically what would be said at your eulogy when you die.  He lists it as the “resume virtues” or as the “eulogy virtues”.  Brooks also wrote an opinion article in the New York Times about this titled The More Bucket List.

Why do I share this with you?  As you know, I recently lost my mother.  What was really interesting me and my family is how she touched various people throughout her life.  Her motto was always, “Look for the good in people”.  She always told me this as a young adult, prior to college and going out on my own.  It is one of those moral lessons that lives with me every day, look for the good in everything.  As you know, my parents were hard working, WWII veterans who did not go to college, but worked hard to support the family.  They always wanted something better for their children, but they also wanted to live a life where they could give back and make a difference in our young adults, now “my generation”.  (I may be older than some you!  Showing my age!).

We always are concerned about the “academic” curriculum, but what about the social and emotional curriculum and our moral character in our students?  How as adults are we modeling this for our kids?  Is it always about the “external achievement”, or is it about the moral and character achievements?  How do you want to be remembered and eulogized?  This is what life is about!  Something to think about.

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