Dr. King, Don’t Ignore St. Lawrence County and Senator Ritchie’s Plea

Media preview
4th grade East Side teachers giving a presentation on Common Core Math to parents
November 13, 2013, Gouverneur NY

Dear Dr. King:

We are parents, educator, students, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and concern citizens working hard to provide the best education we can in Northern and Central New York.  Our students and staff are toiling to meet the demands of the new common core curriculum.  Teachers are putting in a lot of time every night, trying to work through the modules and planning engaging lessons for our children.  They are working hard to make sure that we are doing the right things for our children and making the right decisions.  Our teachers are working side-by-side with parents, inviting them into the classroom to help with math, giving parent workshops as you can see above, and hosting review lessons for parents.  Administrators are hosting parent nights to review the direction of NY State education and Common Core.  What we are missing is the opportunity that you are giving to other areas of New York State, a chance to hear you present and a chance to ask questions.

We are asking that you take some time out of your schedule and come and make a stop in our region for one of your forums.  Our parents and educators want to have a voice too.  The only area that is the closest to us is Plattsburgh or Syracuse.  This is at least an hour or two drive for our community members and should not be the only “chance” for them to have an opportunity to hear and see a presentation about the Common Core from the State Education Commissioner.  Our county is the largest, in area, east of the Mississippi, and it has been ignored on the schedule of forums.  Our NY State Senator, Patty Ritchie, has pleaded for you to make room in your schedule here and here, but still, there is no room for us.  We don’t understand why we are ignored, and our parents and educators should have the opportunity and the right to have a chance to be a part of what is happening throughout the state.  We can even host you at our school.  Our staff would be more than willing to help!

Please Dr. King, don’t ignore our region.  Let our region have a chance to hear what you say and have a voice!


Vicki Day, East Side Elementary Principal and concerned educator


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