#NYEDChat – The Voice for New York Educators

Folks who know me know that Twitter has been a game changer for me and has opened new doors, created a wonderful PLN (Professional/Personal Learning Network) and reinvigorated my professional career as a principal.  I have met wonderful folks not only within New York State, but nationally and throughout the world.  I have introduced twitter to the East Side staff and teachers in our district as well, hosting a five week twitter chat on the book Teach Like a Pirate.  That was an awesome event and every time we had our tweet fests, Dave Burgess always tried to join us.  (I’ll write about this and how to do it.  I encourage all principals on twitter to train your staff and do twitter pd!!)

I am part of an AWESOME team of educators from New York who are starting to relaunch the #NYEDChat on twitter.  I joined the team of Tony Sinanis, Bill Brennan, Carol Varsalona, Blanca Duarte and Starr Sackstein  to chat about great teaching, learning, collaboration, and what is best for our children.  Right now, we are staying away from all the hullabaloo with what is happening within NY state, ie. APPR, Common Core Testing, and the such.  We will be gearing our chats around great instruction.  Our next chat, on Nov. 4, will be devoted to Student Engagement.  

You can see that we have nothing else to do on a Friday evening and we start to plan using Google Hangout.  (Me being the geek, I am using two screens, hence double screen shots!)
Media preview

We will be hosting bi-weekly chats.  Here are some upcoming dates and topics:

Nov. 4, 2013:  Student Engagement 8;30p.m. EST

Nov. 18, 2013:  How do we allow for more opportunities for social learning? 8:30p.m. EST

Dec. 2, 2013:  Integrative Technology in Classroom Learning 8:30p.m. EST

We are also in the planning stages of hosting a live chat session which will be a fantastic, wild ride for our everyone.  So, start following us and join our chats!  Join our wiki page as well.  See you in the #nyedchat!

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