NAESP 13 and Meeting my PLN from Twitter An Old Dog Learning New Tricks


2013-07-12 17.10.07

(With Joe Mazza, Todd Whitaker, Kris Mitzner, Tony Sinanis, Beth Whitaker, Vicki Day)


I have been doing the elementary principal “shtick” for some time now.  (Let’s just say I’m an old dog.) Here is what was so invigorating and exciting for me today at the 2013 NAESP Conference.  It was having face to face conversations with my PLN (Professional Learning Network) and meeting superstars such as @Joe_Mazza Tony Sinanis @Cantigue_Lead Eric Sheniger @NMHS_Principal  Justin Baeder @eduleadership and Peter DeWitt @PeterMDeWitt to name a few.  On top off that, meeting so many new folks who were interested not only about how to use twitter for pd, but about good practice.

When you are the only principal in your building and you are going through the mundane routines of discipline and answering that next irate  parent phone call, believe me, it can get old.  Let me tell you, getting on to twitter and using it for professional development, branding your school and just asking for help can be just the shot in the arm you need.
EDUCATORS: Do yourselves a favor.  Open up a twitter account and start following some of us, such as the accounts above.  Go slow and see what we are doing.  Check out the attachments or links we attach.  Once you start, believe me, you will be hooked and be ready for Twitter to rock your world.  What are you waiting for? Take charge of your professional growth!  Happy tweeting.
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