Starting to Blog and Getting Ready for #NAESP13

Well, it is time for me to take the “plunge” and start writing.  I found a great template to use and will be utilizing Evernote for my writing and copying and pasting.  Here is the template I will be using.  Have to give a shout out to Michael Hyatt for the format and of course SCORRE.  Check it out!


[What do I want to talk about?]
Central Theme:
[What do I want to focus on regarding the subject?]
Objective Statement:
Persuasive:  Every person SHOULD [__________] because of/for [key word]
Enabling:  Every person CAN [________] by [key word].
     Title Ideas:
Write the first draft
Edit the first draft
Read it aloud
Publish a draft
Proof-read the draft and make corrections
Tweak as necessary
Schedule for publication
Set the featured image in Blogger
[Lead Paragraph]
[Relevant Image]
[Personal Experience]
[Discussion Question]
Happy Blogging!!
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